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    A list of old bulletins appears.
    If your email address does not work, you need to subscribe to the email distribution list. See below.
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Email Alerts & Old Bulletins: Subscribing to our email distribution list will let us send you alerts for things like funerals, church events, and schedule changes or closings (like snow!). Plus, you will have access to old bulletins.

  • To Subscribe: Send an email to stServ@palisadesfamily.net and put the phrase "Subscribe members" (without the quotes) in the message body and you will begin receiving updates to the email address that you sent the message from.
  • To Unsubscribe: Send the message to stServ@palisadesfamily.net with the text "Unsubscribe members" (again, no quotes) in the body and the email address you used to send the message will be removed from the mailing list.
  • To change email address: You must unsubscribe (as above) by sending the message from the old address and then Subscribe again (as above) from the new address. If you have lost access to the old address, go ahead and subscribe with the new one and let us know what email address to remove.

Trouble: If you experience difficulties, you can send an email explaining your problem or forward the email response you got when you tried to subscribe or unsubscribe to websupport@palisadesfamily.net and one of the webmasters will help you with your problem.

Email White List: If your email provider has a "safe sender", "whitelist sender", or "address book" which they recommend adding email addresses to in order to reduce issues with delayed email, add members@palisadesfamily.net to this list.